Alien Taste
by Wen Spencer
Review by Greg Armstrong

Alien Taste is a book about a tracker named Ukiah Oregon. He is partnered to a Pittsburgh private investigator and gaining a reputation as "the best at what you do," to quote a Pittsburgh cop in the story. The book starts with the team called in to a multiple homicide, and one woman, an important robotics researcher, missing from the scene. Ukiah tracks her through the woods of Schenley Park, beginning an adventure which spans the Pittsburgh area, and involves everything from a rogue biker gang to robot Mars rovers to invading aliens. Oh, did I mention that Ukiah was raised by wolves?

To describe the story further would lead me to reveal too many surprises that you should enjoy discovering yourself. Suffice to say that I could not put the book down. Not the first time I read it, nor the second. And if this ever comes out in hardcover, I'll get another copy. Oh, did I mention that Wen Spencer is eligible for a Campbell award in 2002?

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