House Pictures

These are pictures of the house where I live, and the garden plants around it.

The house itself:

The first flowers of 2004 bloomed on February 29th:

The Don Juan rose is clibming next to the front steps.

On the left side of the porch, are daylillies.

Toward the street from the daylillies, is the Lady X rose.

Among the front garden, between the roses, are various plants, like my snapdragons.

Hanging in the planters over the porch railing are some fuchias.

Behind the house, along a walk, we have a red rose whose name I don't know.

Also, we have the Glamis Castle rose there.

And finally, there is the herb garden. The lavender was blooming quite nicely when I was out there with the camera. It is between fennel and thyme.

I hope you liked the nickle tour.

Greg Armstrong
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