Yong-Qing Cheng, Victor Wu, Robert T. Collins, Allen R. Hanson,
       and Edward M. Riseman,
"Maximum-Weight Bipartite Matching Technique and Its Application
       in Image Feature Matching,"
SPIE Conference on Visual Communication and Image Processing, 
Orlando, FL, 1996.


An important and difficult problem in computer vision is to determine 2D image feature correspondences over a set of images. In this paper, two new affinity measures for image points and lines from different images are presented, and are used to constrict unweighted and weighted bipartite graphs. It is shown that the image feature matching problem can be reduced to an unweighted matching problem in bipartite graphs. It is further shown that the problem can be formulated as the general maximum-weight bipartite matching problem, thus generalizing the above unweighted bipartite matching technique.

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