Robert Collins, Chris Jaynes, Yong-Qing Cheng, Xiaoguang Wang, 
     Frank Stolle, Howard Schultz, Allen Hanson, and Edward Riseman,
"The UMass Ascender System for 3D Site Model Construction,"
RADIUS: Image Understanding for Imagery Intelligence,
O.Firschein and T.Strat, eds, Morgan Kaufmann, 1996, pp. 209-222.


The Automated Site Construction, Extension, Detection and Refinement system (Ascender) has been developed to automatically populate a site model with 3D buildings extracted from multiple, overlapping views. Image Understanding (IU) algorithms hypothesize potential building roofs in one image, automatically locate supporting geometric evidence in other images, and determine the precise shape and position of the new buildings via multi-image triangulation. Backprojecting image intensities onto the recovered object surfaces leads to realistic graphical site model displays, and to extraction of symbolic features such as windows and doors. This paper describes how the Ascender system acquires and extends an initial site model. System performance is evaluated using imagery from Fort Hood, Texas.

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