R.T.Collins, X.Zhou and S.K.Teh,
"An Open Source Tracking Testbed and Evaluation Web Site,"
IEEE Workshop Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance (PETS)
Breckenridge, CO, Jan 2005.


We have implemented a GUI-based tracking testbed system in C and Intel OpenCV, running within the Microsoft Windows environment. The motivation for the testbed is to run and log tracking experiments in near real-time. The testbed allows a tracking experiment to be repeated from the same starting state using different tracking algorithms and parameter settings, thereby facilitating comparison of algorithms. We have also developed a tracking evaluation web site to encourage third-party self-evaluation of state-of-the-art tracking algorithms. The site hosts source code for the tracking testbed, a set of ground-truth datasets, and a method for on-line evaluation of uploaded tracking results.

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