Robert T. Collins, Allen R. Hanson, and Edward M. Riseman, 
Christopher O. Jaynes, Frank Stolle, Xiaoguang Wang and Yong-Qing Cheng, 
"UMass Progress in 3D Building Model Acquisition,"
Arpa Image Understanding Workshop,
Palm Springs, CA, February 1996, pp. 305-315.


The Automated Site Construction, Extension, Detection and Refinement system (ASCENDER) has been developed to automatically populate a site model with buildings extracted from multiple, overlapping views. Version 1.0 of the system has been delivered for evaluation on classified imagery. Evaluation results on an unclassified Ft.Hood data set are presented here. Extensions to the system that allow it to detect a wide range of building classes, including peaked roof and multi-level flat roofed structures are described. Recent work on symbolic extraction of surface structures such as windows greatly enhances the visual realism of graphical site model displays.

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