Robert T. Collins,
"A Space-Sweep Approach to True Multi-Image Matching,"
IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,
San Francisco, CA, June 18-20. 1996, pp. 358-363. Also 
appeared in Arpa Image Understanding Workshop, 
Palm Springs, CA, February 1996, pp. 1213-1220.


The problem of determining feature correspondences across multiple views is considered. The term "true multi-image" matching is introduced to describe techniques that make full and efficient use of the geometric relationships between multiple images and the scene. A true multi-image technique must generalize to any number of images, be of linear algorithmic complexity in the number of images, and use all the images in an equal manner. A new space-sweep approach to true multi-image matching is presented that simultaneously determines 2D feature correspondences and the 3D positions of feature points in the scene. The method is illustrated on a seven-image matching example from the aerial image domain.

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