R.Collins, R.Gross and J.Shi,
"Silhouette-based Human Identification from Body Shape and Gait,"
2002 Intl' Conference on Face and Gesture, Oct 2002, pp.351-356.


Our goal is to establish a simple baseline method for human identification based on body shape and gait. The utility of having a baseline recognition method is that it provides a lower bound against which to evaluate more complicated procedures. We present a viewpoint dependent technique based on template matching of body silhouettes. Cyclic gait analysis is performed to extract key frames from a test sequence. These frames are compared to training frames using normalized correlation, and subject classification is performed by nearest neighbor matching among correlation scores. The approach implicitly captures biometric shape cues such as body height, width, and body-part proportions, as well as gait cues such as stride length and amount of arm swing. We evaluate the method on four databases with varying viewing angles, background conditions (indoors and outdoors), walk styles and pixels on target.

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