Autonomous Agent Information

Note: you may also want to check my ALife or my Believable Agentspage.

This is not meant to be an overview of all possible autonomous agents. My definition of autonomous agents is entirely self-centered; I include only those things I consider autonomous agents and only those links I consider to be particularly interesting. Nevertheless, you may find these references useful too.

Generally speaking, I only consider a system to be an autonomous agent if it corresponds more or less to a representation of an animal, person, or character; i.e. something self-motivated and integrating a variety of capacities. Otherwise it's just another agent. People

  • The MIT Media Lab's Autonomous Agents Group
  • Pattie Maes
  • Autonomous Agents / CSLI / Stanford University
  • Brian Smith's home page
  • Rolf Pfeifer
  • Simon Penny
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn
  • Rod Brooks' Personal Page
  • Maja J. Mataric
  • Interesting Papers
  • Stan Franklin--Control of Autonomous Agents
  • Cognitive/Agent Architecture Overview
  • How to do the right thing
  • Conferences
  • Agents '98; reviewed in Ghost In The Machine
  • Autonomous Agents '97 (including On-line Proceedings)
  • Autonomous Agents '98
  • Lifelike Computer Characters
  • Miscellaneous
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn's Socially Intelligent Agents page.