Entertainment or Art-Related AI Pointers

This is by no means complete. Articles
  • WIRED 3.09:Interactive Entertainment - By Charles Platt
  • An article on Gloria Davenport's Interactive Cinema Group at MIT Media Lab
  • People
  • Prof. Ken Perlin
  • NYU's Media Research Lab
  • Interval's Placeholder project.
  • Computers, Robotics, and Artists Society of Houston
  • Virtual Drama Society
  • Interesting papers
  • Pattie Maes's "Artificial Life Meets Entertainment"
  • Kim Binsted's work on automatic humor
  • Other
  • Prix Ars Electronica
  • ENTRADA VIDA 2.0 - ALife-based Art Competition
  • Reactive Systems Web Space
  • 1996 AAAI Workshop on Entertainment and AI/Alife
  • Performance Animation Society