How to Dress Like Me

  • The Shoes: Red Wing work boots, preferably black. Or black motorcycle touring boots. Try The Shoebox in Black Earth, Wisconsin, for the Red Wings.

  • The Pants: Black jeans.

  • T-shirt: Either a plain black pocket T, or a T-shirt with an obscure logo works to (suggestions: "The Cutups" from Atlas Games' "Over the Edge", or one with a frog on it [my mom can't stop giving me shirts with frogs on them]).

  • Shirt: A heavyish button-up shirt, usually blue or burgundy or some muted earthtone. Try for a rayon/polyester blends. Suggestion: 111 State, the house brand of Marshall Fields.

    James D Thomas
    Last modified: Mon Jan 18 10:15:20 EST 1999