Wander the Web with Howard

Wander the Web with Howard

So, you want to see what I see. Do what I do. Know what I know. Explore this strange beast called the web with me. I'll show you a few of my favorite stops. First, lets stop by the The Keepers of the Lists and find out what strange question they are asking about today. Before we go any further, we should cleanse ourselves of our sins at CMU Digital Confession Booth so we can start racking up are sins again from a clean slate as we explore. Also, for my own sanity, I would prefer you have your personality evaluated before we depart.

I think I'm in the mood to see a little destruction right now. Not any old destruction will do. I want something unusual. Different. Perhaps involving cooking with liquid oxygen or maybe just seeing what fun we can have with Strawberry Pop tart Blowtorches.

How about we visit some of the more interesting folks on the net? First on the list, is Werdna and then onto Barton's Den of Iniquity.

Now that we are at the end of our trip. You may want to ponder life, death, and other lofty issues. Take a look in on DeathNET which has managed to be misinterpeted more than once already.

Meanwhile, I'm going to head off and try and find Kei and Yuri. They may be wreaking too much havoc today. Things are starting to go *BOOM* .

Howard Gobioff(hgobioff@cs.cmu.edu)