Voices of Freedom and Liberty

Voices of Freedom and Liberty

In our society, there are many people who challenge the basic freedom and liberty that I hold dear to me. I see many people on many issues seeking to censor, oppress, divide, and ostracize people who do not share their views. What many of them fail to realize is that the very variety and breadth of our culture which they are directly or indirectly attempting to suppress is what has historically been a strength of this nation.

Many people seek to eliminate the freedoms of the individual in favor of protecting others from the evils of modern society. I do not begrudge someone the right to censor or otherwise limit the activities that they choose to participate in. However, I find it offensive when others seek to limit my choices even if they feel it is "for my own good".

Some will seek to limit the privacy of individuals in fear of the spectre of drug lords. Privacy should be treated as the right of an individual unless they explicitly give this right up. The potential damage to society and the individual from large collections of information on individual personal habits is something I do not want to see materialize in my lifetime.

Enough Rambling for now, this page is my as list of various network resource and documentation on things that I think are screwed up based on my (somewhat twisted) set of personal values.If you have URLs you would like to see added, drop me a note

Howard Gobioff(hgobioff@cs.cmu.edu)