As we move into the next millennium the Information Revolution is gaining momentum. At the core of this revolution is how people create, interact, disseminate, and share information. Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) is helping to shape that revolution.

HCII research and educational programs span a full cycle of knowledge creation. It starts with the fundamental understanding of how people work, play, interact with each other, and learn. Technologies and tools to support these human activities are created and employed in systems to serve a specific activity. These systems are evaluated in the field through carefully designed experiments.

HCII is an interdisciplinary community of students, faculty, government, and industrial colleagues. The faculty represents a broad spectrum of the CMU campus including the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate School of Industrial Administration, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute of Technology, The Software Engineering Institute, and the School of Computer Science. Collaborators range from small startup companies to multi-national corporations.

We believe that engaging end users is an essential part of developing the theory and practice of interaction. Project scopes range from an individual company working with a small group of students to multi-company consortia seeking multi-national solutions.

Working with internationally-known researchers in a variety of disciplines generates novel and exciting projects. We hope you will explore the products of this unique culture and continue to grow our collaborative community.

Daniel P. Siewiorek, Director