Yoder Mark 1B
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot - Very Low Cost   Mark 1B

Gregg Podnar - H. Ben Brown

Mark 1B - larger tires.
Mark 1B - Specifications
Wheelbase:  19" [48 cm]
Track:  16.5" [42 cm]
Ground Clear.:    9" [23 cm]

Length:  33" [84 cm]
Width:  20" [51 cm]
Height:  18" [46 cm]

Weight (vehicle):  45 lbs [20 kg]
Battery:  144 W-hr
Top Speed:  6mph [10kph]

Tires of foam twice as dense as Mark 1, and larger diameter were tested with promising results.
This makes the base vehicle heaver but also provides a faster top speed.

Unfortunately, the consumer-grade battery connectoring system was inadequate to the current.

20060601 - Tests

Hill Climb

Belgian Blocks

Battery Contact Failure