Yoder Mark 1
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot - Very Low Cost   Mark 1

Gregg Podnar - H. Ben Brown

Mark 1 - Specifications
Wheelbase:  15" [38 cm]
Track:  16" [41 cm]
Ground Clear.:    5" [13 cm]

Length:  29" [74 cm]
Width:  19" [48 cm]
Height:  14" [36 cm]

Weight (vehicle):  35 lbs [16 kg]
Battery:  144 W-hr
Top Speed:  5mph [8kph]

20060502 - Videos of initial tests
Please note: The following short clips are the first day of informal tests of the initial mobile base. The simplest wheel
profile and lack of payload (e.g. an arm) in these tests limit performance to less than the baseline design. Nevertheless,
the initially-demonstrated performance is respectable.

Initial Test


Hill Climb

Belgian Block

Near Other Vehicles

Out Takes