Jeep Tipping


Nicholas Joseph Cugnot, first recognized inventor of the automobile, records a belief that early French wagons had no ball joints and could not get out if they fell in a ditch. This belief may relate to the ancient custom of trapping carts in narrow alleys.

Whether elephants had knees in the 13th century as Europeans believed they had not. is related distantly to the widespread legendary prank of tipping cows. Many contend that while the center-of-gravity of a cow is relatively high, it would still take two people to attempt a successful tip. As it turns out, cows are quite aware of their surroundings and are hard to sneak up on.

Sneaking up on Jeeps, on the other hand, is quite a bit easier (especially when the ignition is off) and causes no distress to livestock. An average Jeep weighs three to four times the weight of an average dairy cow, thus a crane is called for.