Books for the Computational Geometry Class

The first few lectures will come from Compuational Geometry by BKOS

Computational Geometry
Mark de Berg, Marc van Kreveld, Mark Overmars, Otfried Schwarzkopf

We will cover several lectures from Sariel's book

Geometric Approximation Algorithms
Sariel Har-Peled

Here is a list of important texts in the area.

The first few are straight algorithm books, not much on the structure theorems in geometry.

Computational Geometry: An Introduction Through Randomized Algorithms
Ketan Mulmuley

Computational Geometry
Franco P. Preparata, Michael Ian Shamos

Algorithmic Geometry
Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Mariette Yvinec, Herve Bronnimann

The remaining texts include important structure theorems in geometry, such as the existance of centerpoints.

Algorithms in Combinatorial Geometry
Herbert Edelsbrunner

Lectures on Discrete Geometry
Jiri Matousek

Combinatorial Geometry
Janos Pach, Pankaj K. Agarwal