Course Information

Instructor: Gary Miller (Office Hours: TBA )
Place/Time: GHC 4211, NOTE ROOM Change!! , TT 1:30 - 2:50pm.
Teaching Assistants: none
Course Secretary: Cleah Schlueter, GHC 4113
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The goal of this class is to discuss a broad set of topics from computational geometry. Included in the list of topics will be standard material such as Data structures, convex hull, and, Delaunay triangulation. But we will also cover a collection of nonstandard topics including

Generating well spaced points and their application to Mesh Generation

Minimally ridge graph theory and its application to motion planning.

Graph separators for graph embedded in low dimensional space.

Representing curves using Bezier Curves, Subdivision Surfaces, Minimal Surfaces.

Manifold Learning and other topics from machine learning.


  • Homework 1 is not due until October 28th.
  • Homework 1 is out.
  • Welcome to 15-852 Computational Geometry.
  • There will no lecture on Tuesday. The first lecture will be on Thursday. The first few lectures will be introductory material from either 15-451, 15-750, or the undergraduate geometry class. This should give beginning students a chance to see more basic material. Later lectures will mostly be on different material from these classes.