Depth from Scattering

Fabio Cozman Eric Krotkov
Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
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Light power is affected when it crosses the atmosphere; there is a simple, albeit non-linear, relationship between the radiance of an image at any given wavelength and the distance between object and viewer. This phenomenon is called atmospheric scattering and has been extensively studied by physicists and meterologists.

We have studied and analyzed this phenomenon for image understanding purposes, as a depth clue in outdoor environments. Results are presented in a paper in the 1997 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference; please look at the paper for more information. If you want, a compressed postscript version of the paper is available.

We present the first analysis of this phenomenon from an image understanding perspective: we investigate a group of techniques for extraction of depth cues solely from the analysis of atmospheric scattering effects in images. Depth from scattering techniques are discussed for indoor and outdoor environments, and experimental tests with real images are presented. We have found that depth cues in outdoor scenes can be recovered with surpr is in g accuracy and can be used as an additional information source for autonomous vehicles.

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