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My Photo Album ....


IIT, Bombay


Me :-)

IIT, Bombay

Thats where I stayed for last 3 years at IIT- Right most room on the top floor (Room 258, Hostel 4)

These are some of the friends there

Thats when we went to Matheran (near Bombay) for outing.

This picture was taken on the final day of the last semester

This covers most of my close friends.
(L to R, Back Row) Mahesh Venkatchalam and Milind Kolhatkar
(L to R, II Row) Firoz Kanchwala, Prasad Jogalekar, Sanjay Sambettla, Suresh Pi, and Vijesh Bagdi
(L to R, Sitting) Vinod Gupta, Deepak Bapna, Alok Jha and Jetendra Sant
Missing are: AKN, Mahesh Somani, Vipul Dholakia, Atul Agarwal, Chandrashekhar Kumar. (Am I missing any name !)

Family- Nearest and Dearest

Shivali and Me. This photo was taken after our engagement in December 1995.


These are my parents.

A family Picture ...


Quite old pictures. I guess, sometime around when I joined CMU- August 1993.

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