Welcome to the virtual showroom of   Dhananjay Bansal :  

           Hi,  I am a Masters student in Language Technologies Institute in the School of Computer Science, CMU.  My research interest lies in Automatic Speech Recognition and applications.
           In speech, I work over confidence annotation and error prediction of decoder's output. Confidence annotation is assigning of scores which say how sure the decoder is in decoding a word. It's like a lie detecting machine for a speech decoder. Confidence annotation has many applications. I am presently focussing over applying the error prediction to improve the recognition accuracy of the system.

           I am affiliated to the CMU  speech group (Sphinx).

           Advisors : Dr. Raj Reddy
                             Dr. Ravishankar Mosur.
      Some of my work in confidence annotation.  ICSLP-98. (paper.ps.gz)

           Here  is a documentation of the  Sphinx-2 acoustic training procedure. Particularly useful to get an overview.

I Also Coordinate SPHINX Speech Meetings.

          Schedule            Present Talks           Old Talks.

Contact Information:

        Electronic :   dbansal@cs.cmu.edu    or  dbansal@andrew.cmu.edu

        Office :  5302 Wean Hall, CMU.
                      Tel: (412) 268-8806

        Home :  628, Maryland Av, Apt 2,
                      Pittsburgh, 15232.
                      Tel : (412) 361-5368

        I  am generally in my lab till late night (0200). and at home till late morning(1200).
        If hell is breaking over you, and if my being awake helps you,  you can wake me up anytime.

        I completed  my undergraduate in May 1997 in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur. I don't want to get nostalgic here so, let's cut down iitk.  I had a better way to spend my vacations there. One comes across fantastic things like, GMRT which one keeps appreciating and Speech which one keeps working on. Speech came into my life in Summer 1996 during my internship at  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, where I developed an HMM based Isolated Word Recognizer which worked pretty well  :}

What I do now a days:

    Attend Tang-Soo-Do classes. It's a martial art from Korea. I am a yellow belt in Tang-Soo-Do. Yellow belt is the 10th(lowest) GUP,  9 more to go....
    Listen to music (my apartment mate bought for $1200, a home theater system, just for me!!),
    Go to GYM (That doesn't mean I workout there.   Just kidding..  I do workout.)
    Play squash, Play  Tennis,  Planning to Sky Dive!!.  Now,  come on...,  I also have to manage time for  research.

                  "I pity those who waste time thinking about the reason of their existence."
                                                                                                    -Dhananjay Bansal
                      "Nothing is more important than my happiness."
                                                                                                    -Dhananjay Bansal