The Gateway to Costa's Mind

Vital Info:

Full Name: Constantinos Nikou
High School: East Allegheny H.S., N. Versailles PA
Current Position: Director of SW Development, CASurgica Inc./Blue Belt Technologies, Inc.
Favorite Color: Blue
Pulse Rate: 80 bpm

That's all you really need to know...(what am I gonna put on, my Social Security number and mother's maiden name? Sheesh.)

Though I don't work at CMU anymore, I still have an appointment: "Adjunct Research Programmer", which makes me Faculty, and gives me all the benefits of CMU citizenship, including this web page. Just for good measure, here's a link to this page.

Here are some links:

Erratic Fool: My band. We're cool. Come see.

My Blog (online journal-like thingy) I put this here so the webcrawlers will know it exists, and so that if I have anything I think should be passed along to the masses, a web search may actually bring it up

Erratic Fool: Yup, two links. That's how cool we are. Come see us.