Schedule for 1999-2000

4:00 pm, Wean Hall 7500

3:45 pm, Refreshments outside Wean Hall 7500

FALL 1999:

August 30 (Special Date/Time)
Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems
--Included in the Universal Library Collection

September 23
H.T. Kung, Harvard University

October 21
Ross Anderson, Cambridge University

November 18
Jim Gray, Microsoft Research
--Included in the Universal Library Collection

SPRING 2000:

Rick Cattell
--Included in the Universal Library Collection

February 3
--Silvio Micali, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

February 17
--Henry Fuchs, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

March 2
--Gregory Chaitin, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

March 23 - The Gaschnig/Oakley Memorial Lecture
--Adam Beguelin, Inktomi Corporation

April 20 - The Hank Wan Memorial Lecture
--W. Eric L. Grimson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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