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Welcome to Vision and Autonomous Systems Center's Image Database.

The goal of the VASC Image Database is to share image data sets with researcheres around the world. To facilitate this, we have created this site, which contains over 5000 images split up over nearly 200 different data sets. We also provide a mechanism by which any one of these 200 sets can be downloaded in either .tgz or .zip format.

We will be adding new data to this site as time permits. Furthermore, we will now accept datasets from other researchers, to add to our archive. If you wish to contribute stereo, motion, or other image data (particularly if you have some form of ground truth available, please fill out the on-line submission form or contact Chieh-Chih Wang.

As a caveat, many of these datasets are quite old (5-10 years, in some cases), and do not have any form of ground truth data. What is on here is made available as-is. If you don't see any additional information with the images, there isn't any available.

Each data set has thumbnail images in jpg format. However, the full sized images themselves are stored in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format. Because this is a relatively new image format, we have collected a set of PNG resources, available on our PNG Resources page.

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