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Linux/RK based on linux2.4.18 for IPAQ 3765

Linux2.4.18-rmk3-hh12 with RK interface (the patch will be available soon!)

Linux/RK stands for Linux/Resource Kernel, which incorporates real-time extensions to the Linux kernel to support the abstractions of a resource kernel. A resource kernel is a real-time kernel (operating system) that provides timely, guaranteed and enforced access to system resources for applications. Detailed information on resource kernel can be found here or in this [rajkumar98] paper, and you can find more on Linux/RK in this [shui99] paper.

Linux/RK is developed by the Real-time and Multimedia Systems Laboratory led by Dr. Raj Rajkumar at Carnegie Mellon University.  Current ongoing research topics include

  • disk bandwidth reservation
  • network bandwidth reservation
  • co-scheduling of multiple resources
  • integration with real-time Java
  • resource control lists

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