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Information on the speaker can be viewed by clicking on the title of the seminar.

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Jan 18


Bone Mounted Surgical Robot, Modeling of Knee Kinematics

Sam Song, Patty Murtha

Institute for Computer Assisted Surgery, The Western Pennsylvania Hospital

Branislav Jaramaz


Jan 25

Robust Sensor Placements, Active Learning and Submodular Functions

Carlos Guestrin

Carnegie Mellon University

Alexei Efros


Feb 1


Surgery over the Internet

Blake Hannaford

University of Washington

Ralph Hollis


Feb 8

The Life and Times of a Geek in Pittsburgh: From Robograd to Entrepreneur in 17 Short Years

Todd Jochem

Applied Perception Inc

Matt Mason


Feb 14
(Special Seminar)

Robot Wars: The Ethical Issues

Rob Sparrow

Monash University

Matt Mason


Feb 15

Learning in Human-Robot Teams

Odest Chadwicke Jenkins

Brown University

Manuela Veloso


Feb 22

Dynamic Routing and Motion Coordination of Large-Scale Vehicle Networks

Emilio Frazzoli


James Kuffner


Feb 29

Putting the Turing into Manufacturing: Recent Developments in the Science of Automation

Ken Goldberg

UC Berkeley

Matt Mason


Mar 7

Motion Planning for the Urban Grand Challenge

Dave Ferguson

Intel Research Pittsburgh

Paul Rybski


Mar 21

Stationary Features and Cat Detection

Donald Geman

Johns Hopkins University

Fernando de la Torre


Mar 28

Experiments with Learning for Bipedal Locomotion and Fixed-wing Aerial Acrobatics

Russ Tedrake


Matt Mason


Apr 4

 Appearance Based Navigation and the FAB-MAP Algorithm

Paul Newman

Department of Engineering Science, Oxford

Alonzo Kelly


Apr 11

 Flying Robots at RI Build 3D World Maps

Omead Amidi

Carnegie Mellon University

Marcel Bergerman


May 2

 Building Bodies and Brains for Programmable Matter

Daniela Rus


Metin Sitti



General Information

Seminars are held every Friday in 1305 Newell-Simon Hall, unless otherwise noted on the calendar or abstract. Seminars begin at 3:30pm, and refreshments are served starting at 3:15pm. Feel free to arrive early to get the first shot at the cookies and talk to your colleagues; please try not to leave during a seminar in deference to the speaker.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with a speaker, please contact the speaker if they are from CMU, or their host, listed on the calendar, if they are from outside of the University.

Previous Seminars

Abstracts from earlier this semester, as well as Seminar calendars and abstracts back to the Fall of 1993 can be found in the Robotics Institute Seminar Archive.

Seminar Committee

For technical issues and final scheduling commitments, as well as opinions or suggestions on speakers and seminar topics, please contact Paul Rybski by e-mail at, or by phone at (412) 268-7417.

Paul Rybski, seminar chair
Eakta Jain, electronic publicity
Michael Dille, real-world publicity

Peggy Martin, speaker relations


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