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Information on the speaker can be viewed by clicking on the title of the seminar.

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The schedule, titles, and abstracts from earlier in this semester can be found in the archives.








September 8


Data Mining to Support Food Safety

Artur Dubrawski

Carnegie Mellon University

Alexei A. Efros


September 15


Ralph Hollis

Carnegie Mellon University

Alexei A. Efros


September 22

Fast and Accurate Face Tracking

Iain Mathews

Carnegie Mellon University



September 29

Is the human hand dexterous because, or in spite, of its anatomical complexity?

Francisco Valero-Cuevas

Cornell University

Jessica Hodgins


October 6

Machine Learning in in vivo CNS Drug Discovery
Jeff Schneider

Carnegie Mellon University



October 13

Object classification, recognition and segmentation by a hierarchy of abstract fragments

Shimon Ullman

Weizmann Institute of Science

Alexei A. Efros


October 24

Teaching Technical Creativity through Robotics in Ghana

G. Ayorkor Mills-Tettey

Carnegie Mellon University



October 27

Robust Autonomous Color Learning on a Mobile Robot

Peter Stone           

University of Texas at Austin

Brett Browning


November 3

BigDog - a dynamic quadruped robot

Martin Buehler

Boston Dynamics

Sanjiv Singh


November 7

A Braille Writing Tutor to Combat Illiteracy in Developing Communities

Nidhi Kalra

Tom Lauwers

Carnegie Mellon University



November 10

Integrated models of scenes and objects

Antonio Torralba


Alexei A. Efros


November 17

No Seminar





November 24






December 1

What Devices Should Capture Visual Appearance?

Jack Tumblin

Northwestern University

Jessica Hodgins


December 8

Un-powered & Powered  Exoskeletons for Gait Training of Motor Impaired Patients

Sunil Agrawal

University of Delaware

Alexei A. Efros


December 15







General Information

Seminars are held every Friday in 1305 Newell-Simon Hall, unless otherwise noted on the calendar or abstract. Seminars begin at 3:30pm, and refreshments are served starting at 3:15pm. Feel free to arrive early to get the first shot at the cookies and talk to your colleagues; please try not to leave during a seminar in deference to the speaker.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with a speaker, please contact the speaker if they are from CMU, or their host, listed on the calendar, if they are from outside of the University.

Previous Seminars

Abstracts from earlier this semester, as well as Seminar calendars and abstracts back to the Fall of 1993 can be found in the Robotics Institute Seminar Archive.

Seminar Committee

For technical issues and final scheduling commitments, as well as opinions or suggestions on speakers and seminar topics, please contact Alexei Efros by e-mail at, or by phone at (412) 268-1234.

Alexei Efros, chair
Ling Xu, electronic publicity
Mihail Pivtoraiko, real-world publicity

Janice Brochetti, speaker relations


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