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RI | Seminar | December 8, 2006

Robotics Institute Seminar, December 8, 2006
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Un-powered & Powered Exoskeletons for Gait Training of Motor Impaired Patients




Sunil K. Agrawal

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Univ. of Delaware


Time and Place


Mauldin Auditorium (NSH 1305)
Refreshments 3:15 pm
Talk 3:30 pm




Stroke and spinal cord injury are two motor impairments in which subjects benefit greatly from intensive gait training. Currently, this training is performed manually  by practicing physical therapists. This talk will describe two categories of exoskeletons designed to assist in gait training: (i) Un-powered gravity balancing exoskeleton, (ii) Powered motor-driven exoskeleton. The un-powered exoskeleton, through its design, can partially or fully eliminate the effects of gravity at the joints of the leg during walking. The powered exoskeleton, through its motors, can apply desirable force fields at the foot to reshape the gait trajectory. The talk will describe the involved principles of mechanical design, control, and human-motor learning with these exoskeletons. Results of studies performed on healthy and stroke patients will be presented.


Speaker Biography


Sunil K. Agrawal received a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1990. He is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Delaware and is the Director of Mechanical Systems Laboratory. He has published close to 225 journal and conference papers and 2 books in the areas of robotics, controlled mechanical systems, and dynamic optimization. Dr. Agrawal’s honors include a Presidential Faculty Fellowship from the White House in 1994, a Bessel Prize from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany in 2003, and the grade of  a Fellow of the ASME in 2004. He is an ASME Distinguished Lecturer for the years 2004-2007. He has served as an Associate Technical Editor for the Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME, IEEE Transactions of Robotics and Automation, IEEE Transactions of Control Systems Technology, and Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement, and Control, Trans of the ASME. He was the Conference Chair of  2005 ASME Mechanisms and Robotics Conference.


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