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RI | Seminar | September 27

Robotics Institute Seminar, September 27
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Intelligent Autonomy for Multiple, Coordinated UAVs

Dr. Lora G. Weiss

Applied Research Laboratory

Pennsylvania State University



Time and Place

NSH 3305
Refreshments 10:45 am
Talk 11:00 am



This presentation describes an autonomous Intelligent Controller (IC) architecture directly applicable to the design of unmanned autonomous vehicles. These vehicles may operate independently or cooperate to carry out complex missions involving disparate sensors or payload packages.  The IC technology has been demonstrated in prototype designs of actual, autonomous, unmanned, intelligently controlled vehicles. A collaborative control demonstration will be provided as part of the presentation.


The technologies addressed by this autonomous Intelligent Controller architecture include: Fully Autonomous Vehicle Control, Dynamic Planning and Replanning, Autonomous Response, and Multi-Vehicle Cooperation. The term “autonomous” means fully autonomous operations with human interactions as desired (versus remote piloting with human operations being required). An important component of the IC design is that it is robust with respect to reacting to unforeseen situations and to achieving mission requirements when one or more of the autonomous units is partially or completely disabled, including the supervisor unit.


Speaker Biography


Dr. Lora G. Weiss is a Senior Research Associate and Head of the Autonomous Control and Intelligent Systems Division at The Pennsylvania State University’s Applied Research Laboratory (ARL/PSU), where she designs, developments, and implements advanced signal processing, intelligent control, and tactical processing technologies. She has authored or co-authored numerous scientific journal publications and has a patent application pending for a fast wavelet transform. Dr. Weiss has chaired several sessions at IEEE conferences, ASA conferences, and Navy Symposiums. Dr. Weiss has developed a video for IEEE Educational Services, she is a member of the Graduate Faculty in Acoustics, and she has received several publication awards from Penn State. Dr. Weiss received a BS in mathematics from Boston University, an MS in mathematics from UCAL, and a Ph.D. in acoustical engineering from Penn State.


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