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Robotics Institute Seminar Schedule, Spring 2003
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Seminar Calendar

Information on the speaker, when available, can be viewed by clicking on the speaker's name. The abstract, when available, can be viewed by clicking on the title of the seminar. The schedule, titles, and abstracts from earlier in this semester can be found in the archives.

Date Speaker Affiliation Host
January 17 Robotic Mine Mapping
Team Members of Mobile Robotics
Development (MRD) 16-861
Scott Thayer
January 24 The Promise and Perils of Near-Regular Patterns
Yanxi Liu CMU
Yanxi Liu
January 31 No seminar

February 7 Bio-geometric Modeling
Herbert Edelsbrunner Duke University
Guy E. Blelloch
February 14 PowerFactorization: An approach to low-rank factorization problems
Richard Hartley Australian National University
Yanxi Liu
February 28 TerminatorBot: A Miniature Robot for Search-and-Rescue and Exploration
Richard Voyles University of Minnesota
John Dolan
March 7 CMU Medical Robotics Overview
Branko Jaramaz, Jonas August, and Kim Hebsgaard CMU
Jim Osborn
March 13
special seminar
Fast and Flexible 3D Scanning
Szymon Rusinkiewicz Princeton University
Sebastian Thrun
March 14 Cooperative Approaches to Localization, Mapping and Exploration
Andrew Howard Univ. of Southern California
Reid Simmons
March 21 Development of the Segway Human Transporter (HT) Transmission (with Segway demonstration)
David Lassman and Chuck Amurgis Axicon Technologies
John Dolan
April 4
Creating the Future of Aerospace
Robert Krieger The Boeing Company
John Wesner
April 11
Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Machine Tools, and Secure Control Systems: An Overview of NIST Intelligent Systems Division Activities
Al Wavering NIST
Henry Schneiderman
April 18
SCS Faculty Candidate talk
Dynamic Locomotion and Quasistatic Manipulation: Natural Physical Interaction for Graphical Characters and Humanoid Robots
Nancy Pollard Brown Univ.
Frank Pfenning
April 25 Vision is a chicken-egg problem: From visual illusions to harmonic computational geometry
Yiannis Aloimonos Univ. of Maryland
Sanjiv Singh
May 2 Biomimetic visual navigation
Charles M. Higgins Univ. of Arizona
Sanjiv Singh
May 7 On Seeing Stuff: The Perception of Materials by Humans and Machines
Ted Adelson MIT
Tai Sing Lee
May 27
Special Seminar
Continuous Capture of Skin Deformation
Jovan Popovic MIT
Jessica Hodgins
May 29 Health- and Defense-Related Biomaterial Design
Alan Russell Univ. of Pittsburgh
Lee Weiss
June 2
Special Seminar
From Robots to Robot Assistants
Martin Haegele Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart
Hagen Schempf
June 6 Computer Assisted Interventions and Medical Robotics Research at the Georgetown University Medical Center
Kevin Cleary Georgetown University
Jim Ozborn


General Information
Seminars are held every Friday in 1305 Newell-Simon Hall, unless otherwise noted on the calendar or abstract. Seminars begin at 3:30pm, and refreshments are served starting at 3:15pm. Feel free to arrive early to get the first shot at the cookies and talk to your colleagues; please try not to leave during a seminar in deference to the speaker.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with a speaker, please contact the speaker if they are from CMU, or their host, listed on the calendar, if they are from outside of the University.

Previous Seminars
Abstracts from earlier this semester, as well as Seminar calendars and abstracts back to the Fall of 1993 can be found in the Robotics Institute Seminar Archive.

Seminar Committee
For technical issues and final scheduling commitments, as well as opinions or suggestions on speakers and seminar topics, please contact John Dolan, by e-mail at, or by phone at (412) 268-7988.

For administrative issues, tentative scheduling, reimbursements, and opinions on what kind of tea, coffee, or cookies you would like to see at the seminar, please contact Jean Harpley by e-mail at or by phone at (412) 268-3802.

John Dolan, chair

Jean Harpley, travel

Jiayong Zhang, real-world publicity

Göksel Dedeoglu, electronic publicity

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