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RI | Seminar | January 17

Robotics Institute Seminar, January 17
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Robotic Mine Mapping

Presented by Team Members of Mobile Robotics Development (MRD) 16-861

Time and Place
1305 Newell-Simon Hall
Refreshments 3:15 pm
Talk 3:30 pm


Entrapments of humans, exposures to gas, and inundations of water occur in mines since complete, accurate maps do not exist. Submergence, roof fall, rotted timbers and water seals prevent human access for mapping old mines, and they motivate the use of robots. Robots offer unique capabilities with safety and cost advantages for mapping abandoned mines, but the technical challenges are profound.

The presentation will profile the technologies and accomplishments toward robotic mine mapping. Content will describe what mine robots are, how they build maps, how they know where they are and where they are going. Robot mapping will be compared to human-surveyed mapping to illustrate the distinctions of the new technology. The presentation will showcase new robot developments and the robotic mapping of a mine to convey the power of the technology in action. We will share the experience of exploration and mapping to graphically understand the principles and capabilities offered by the technology.

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