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Robotics Institute Seminar Schedule, Spring 2001
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Seminar Calendar

Information on the speaker, when available, can be viewed by clicking on the speaker's name. The abstract, when available, can be viewed by clicking on the title of the seminar. The schedule, titles, and abstracts from earlier in this semester can be found in the archives.

Date Speaker Affiliation Host
September 10 Image and Video-Based Modeling and Rendering
Richard Szeliski Microsoft Research
(Jianbo Shi)
September 21
Programmable Graphics Chips
Frank Crow nVidia
(Jianbo Shi)
September 28 Movies to Geometric 3D Models: the Structure from Motion Problem
John Oliensis NEC Research
(Jianbo Shi)
October 19 Real-time Video Analysis at Siemens Corporate Research
Visvanathan Ramesh Seimens Corperation Research (Robert Collins)
October 26 Cybercare - responding to homeland defense with robots
Joseph Rosen Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
(Jianbo Shi)
November 9 Capturing Motion for Animation
Christoph Bregler Stanford University
(Jianbo Shi)
November 16 Cancelled
(Yanxi Liu)
November 23 Holiday
(Yanxi Liu)
November 30 Efficient Coding for Natural Signals
Michael Lewicki CNBC, CSD, Carnegie Mellon (Yanxi Liu)
December 7 Experiments in Sun-Synchronous Robotic Exploration
David Wettergreen Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
(Yanxi Liu)

General Information
Seminars are held every Friday in 1305 Newell-Simon Hall, unless otherwise noted on the calendar or abstract. Seminars begin at 3:30pm, and refreshments are served starting at 3:15pm. Feel free to arrive early to get the first shot at the cookies and talk to your colleagues; please try not to leave during a seminar in deference to the speaker.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with a speaker, please contact the speaker if they are from CMU, or their host, listed on the calendar, if they are from outside of the University.

Previous Seminars
Abstracts from earlier this semester, as well as Seminar calendars and abstracts back to the Fall of 1993 can be found in the Robotics Institute Seminar Archive.

Seminar Committee
For technical issues and final scheduling commitments, as well as opinions or suggestions on speakers and seminar topics, please contact Yanxi Liu. by e-mail at, or by phone at (412)268-4706.

For administrative issues, tentative scheduling, reimbursements, and opinions on what kind of tea, coffee, or cookies you would like to see at the seminar, please contact Louise Ditmore by e-mail at or by phone at (412)268-7967.

Yanxi Liu, chair
Louise Ditmore, travel
Goksel Dedeoglu, real-world publicity
David Tolliver, speaker relations & electronic publicity

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