Abstract for the September 5, 1997 Robotics Institute Seminar

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Visual Position Estimation for Outdoor Rovers

Fabio Cozman and Carlos Guestrin
Machine Perception Laboratory
Carnegie Mellon University

Position estimation is a critical aspect of teleoperation. Human operators get lost, miss topographic features, even get sick. We will describe a concept that automates the critical processes of position estimation and image registration for teleoperation of outdoor and planetary rovers.

We have produced and deployed a system that can do so, operating at accurary and robustness levels that are much superior to previous approaches. The system has been field tested with images taken in Pittsburgh, California, Utah, Atacama desert (!) and Moon (!!).

We will present these images, tell some stories about how they were produced, discuss our results, and indicate why our system succeeds in bringing visual position estimation and image registration techniques to the help of rover teleoperators.

For appointments, please contact the speakers: fgcozman@ri.cmu.edu and guestrin+@cs.cmu.edu

You can also visit the project's home page.

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