Abstract for the September 12, 1997 Robotics Institute Seminar

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PhD students
Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

What is this, you (especially new students) may ask? Well, it's a chance to find out things about your fellow graduate students that you might not know. This will be an informal gathering where every RoboGrad will be given 60 seconds (time limits reasonably enforced) to do or say something. Anything. (OK, anything legal.) Preferably, this should be something relating to what you might do outside of the robotics arena, so we can get an idea of what sort of person you are.

The requirements for a Robochat "performance" are minimal. At the very least, you should tell us your name. You may then sit down, if you are feeling a bit shy, or just unimaginative. But perhaps you'd like to do a little more. You could do what you did last year, if you'd like. Or something different and more exciting. You could:

Attendance is not required, but it is actively encouraged. Hope to see you there!
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