Abstract for the October 17, 1997 Robotics Institute Seminar

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Robots for tasks humans are unable to perform-- micromanipulation and 24 hour human care

Tomomasa Sato
University of Tokyo

4:00pm, Adamson Wing, Baker Hall

This talk will address robot implementations for two tasks that humans are unable to perform well. First, a micromanipulator robot is presented that is able to handle objects that are normally viewed under a Scanning Electron Microscope. Second, a robot which takes care of humans 24 hours a day will be presented. Our "Robotic Room" is not a room filled with robots, rather, the room itself is the robot.

Biographical Sketch:
Tomomasa Sato graduated from mechanical engineering at the University of Tokyo, then obtained his Ph.D. from the Univesrsity of Tokyo in 1976. His thesis was on underwater imaging utilizing acoustical holography. Tomomasa then entered Electrotechnical Laboratory, performing research in telerobotics and hand-eye systems. He later moved to the Recearch Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) of the University of Tokyo in 1991 and was invloved in research on micromanipulation and human robot symbiosis systems. He currently occupies the posision of Professor of RCAST and Mechano Informatics of the Mechanical Engineering simultanieously.

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