Abstract for the August 29, 1997 Robotics Institute Seminar

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The Evolution of Automation in Precision Agriculture

John Reid
Professor for Agricultural Engineering and for Bioengineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Precision Agriculture is the practice of managing resources for crop production based on the site-specific variability of plant, soil, water and environment. Recent advances in Precision Agriculture have resulted from the rapid infusion of defense-related technology into agricultural arenas. This lecture will briefly review relevant topics in the automation of precision agriculture and discuss the evolution of guidance systems for agricultural environments.

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Reid has a B.S. (1980) and M.S. (1982) degree from VPI&SU and a Ph.D. from Texas A&M (1987). His doctoral research was on the application of machine vision sensing for the guidance of agricultural tractors. Dr. Reid has been at the University of Illinois since 1987. His research and teaching efforts have focused on the application of machine vision and imaging methods to agricultural and biological systems. Several novel applications include vision-based control of the secondary metabolites in suspension cultures, visual models of crop growth and development, and machine vision for agricultural vehicle guidance. Reid has served as a consultant for academia, government and industry in agricultural vehicle automation and machine vision methodologies. Reid is a member of ASAE, ASEE, and IEEE.

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