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RI SEMINAR -- Ken Turkowski


Most virtual reality systems, based on polygons, allow us to interact in a synthetic world that is usually lacking in aesthetic appeal. The real world has much more appeal and relevance to our lives. Apple's QuickTimeVR technology uses real-world images, combined with simple geometric models, to allow navigation through real-world places and manipulation of real-world objects. Ken will discuss the technology behind the current product as well as research directions for future products.


Ken Turkowski is a senior research scientist in Apple's Interactive Media Group. Previously, he has done work in 2D- and 3D-graphics acceleration, digital video special effects, image segmentation, solid modeling and robotic simulation. While at Apple, he has contributed to the development of QuickDraw3D, QuickDrawGX and TrueType, and is currently doing advanced development for QuickTimeVR.

If you want to schedule a meeting with Ken on Feb 29 (Thursday) and March 1 (Friday), please send email to either hys@cs or Carol.S.Boshears@ISL1.RI.CMU.EDU

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