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RI SEMINAR -- Dr. Richard Sebastian


Recent advances in fiber optic component technology and digital processing components have enabled the development of a new 3D vision system based upon a fiber optic FMCW coherent laser radar. The approach includes a compact scanner with no moving parts capable of randomly addressing all pixels. The system maintains the immunity of lighting and surface shading conditions which is characteristic of coherent lasar radar. The random pixel addressability allows concentration of scanning and processing on the active areas of a scene, as is done by the human eye-brain system.


Richard Sebastian obtained an AB in Mathematics at Princeton University (1964) and a PhD in Physics at the University of Maryland (1970). He has spent his career in technical and corporate management positions pursuing the development of signal processing systems and intelligent sensing and recognition systems. He founded Digital Signal Corporation in 1983. Most recently, as a Vice President of Coleman Research Corporation, he has led the development of fiber optic coherent laser radar systems for 3D meterology and imaging.
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