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RI SEMINAR -- Norman M. Sadeh


The global manufacturing company of the future will have to be lean, customer-driven, environment-conscious. It will have to be capable of rapidly and cost-effectively adapting its products, processes and alliances in reaction to changes in market demands, technologies, raw material availabilities, legislations, etc. This ability to adapt to changes is often referred to as "Manufacturing Agility".

To be agile, manufacturing enterprises are required to rethink the way they go about scheduling production within their facilities; they are required to better coordinate their production scheduling activities with various design and engineering decisions; they are required to rethink the way they go about doing business with other entities within their supply chains.

In this talk, I will review ongoing research efforts at the Intelligent Coordination and Logistics Lab that aim at developing a new generation of production scheduling tools for agile manfacturing. In particular, I will review recent progress within the Micro-Boss scheduling project, the IP3S (Integrated Process Planning/Production Scheduling) project and our multi-agent supply chain modeling and analysis project.

Collaborators on these projects include Steve Smith, David Hildum, Jay Swaminathan, Ramesh Bollapragada, Chris Kellen, Dag Kjenstad and Jing Xing.

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