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RI SEMINAR -- Austin Tate


O-Plan is an open, modular architecture in which task specification, planning, scheduling and reactive execution control systems have been built. The talk will describe a generic O-Plan agent, and the agenda driven architecture within each agent. It will be more specific about the approach to constraint management within O-Plan and describe recent work to simplify this aspect of the overall design. The simplifications allow a wider range of detailed constraints within plans to be maintained more easily. This can allow for richer domain models to be employed to filter search during plan generation. Through the new simplified approach to constraint management, extensions can be made to the current prototype beyond its time and resource constraint capabilities into areas such as spatial constraint management and the use of qualitative world models to improve the fidelity of plans.

The motivation behind recent work on the <I-N-OVA> model of plans as a set of various types of constraint (Issues - Nodes - Orderings/Variables/Auxiliary) will be given. Relationships between work on the <I-N-OVA> model and other work both within and beyond artificial intelligence will be mentioned.

The O-Plan project is part funded by the ARPA/Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative.

Host:           Norman Sadeh (sadeh@cs)/Yangsheng Xu (xu+@cs)
Appointment:    Michelle Agie (maa@ri)

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