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Triangle is a C program for two-dimensional mesh generation and construction of Delaunay triangulations, constrained Delaunay triangulations, and Voronoï diagrams. Triangle is fast, memory-efficient, and robust; it computes Delaunay triangulations and constrained Delaunay triangulations exactly. Guaranteed-quality meshes (having no small angles) are generated using Ruppert's Delaunay refinement algorithm. Features include user-specified constraints on angles and triangle areas, user-specified holes and concavities, and the economical use of exact arithmetic to improve robustness. Triangle is freely available on the Web at ``'' and from Netlib. This paper discusses many of the key implementation decisions, including the choice of triangulation algorithms and data structures, the steps taken to create and refine a mesh, a number of issues that arise in Ruppert's algorithm, and the use of exact arithmetic.

Jonathan Richard Shewchuk
Mon Aug 12 10:28:49 EDT 1996