Logic Bibliography at CMU

This logic bibliography archive is provided by the Logic Group at CMU.
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You may download the Bibtex files from the list below. If you have access to AFS at CMU you can access the Bibtex files directly, as well.

If you would like to contribute a bibliography file of your own, or if you have improvements or corrections for contributed bibliography files, please write to Andrej Bauer.

Logical Frameworks
Bibliography on logical frameworks, provided and maintained by Frank Pfenning.

TPS Bibliography
General logic bibliography with emphasis on automated theorem proving, higher-order logic, and other matters related to the TPS project. Provided and maintained by Peter Andrews.

Lambda-calculus and Type Theory
Bibliography on lambda-calculus and type theory. Provided and maintained by Henk Barndregt.

Linear Logic
Bibliography on linear logic. Provided and maintained by Frank Pfenning, Iliano Cervesato, Carsten Schürmann. This bibliography and other linear logic resources are available at Bibliography on Linear Logic, maintained by Carsten Schürmann.

This bibliography on realizability has been established in connection with the Workshop on Realizability Semantics and Applications 1999 in Trento, Italy. It is provided and maintained by Lars Birkedal.

Maintained by Andrej Bauer, last change 12/7/2000.