The DITOPS Demo:
Airport View

Load, Unloads, and Airport Capacity Utilization

In the same way we were able to see the aircraft utilization in figure aircraft-view, we can see the airport capacity utilization. Each trip uses the origin airport for the duration of the load, and uses the destination airport for the duration of the unload. We model airport capacity in terms of maximum-on-ground. We only allow a maximum number of planes to be loading/unloading at the same time. Airport capacity limitations are considered during the scheduling process. Figure ports-view represents the airport capacity and the load and unload processes that are using it. Each blue rectangle in this view represents a load or unload operation. The height of the rectangle represents the port capacity. In the current model we assume that for each time interval, there is a maximum number of airplanes than can be in the airport -- maximum on ground. We do not consider different types of aircraft to compute the maximum on ground value. The duration of the load is resource dependent. Each type of aircraft has its own load duration. This duration is defined by the situation initially loaded.