The DITOPS Demo:
Aircraft View

Aircraft Capacity Utilization Over Time

The view below represent the resource utilization over time. The time line is specified in days from the initial day of the operation. Each line corresponds to a resource. The height of the resource line represents the total resource capacity.

Each blue rectangle represents a trip performed by an aircraft. The width of the rectangle represents the duration of the trip and the height represents the capacity utilization. Return trips are not represented. Load and unloads are represented as part of the trip. The gray rectangle indicates resource unavailability.

Descriptions of resources and trips can be created on demand by selecting the object on the view and executing a menu command. Ditops use a black rectangle to represent selections. A selection can include one or more trips and the menu commands act on the selected object. In the figure below we show the description of a particualr trip.

A more detailed view of the resource utilization is also available.