The DITOPS Demo:
Aircraft Fleet View

Aggregate Capacity Utilization

One of the principles behind the DITOPS mixed-initiative approach to scheduling is minimizing schedule disruption. We have already added some C5s. It is not desirable to regenerate the entire schedule since we have already generated several resource commitments. We would like to selectively unschedule and reschedule trips or move requirements. We will show how we can do this using DITOPS flexibility. As we can see in figure aggregate-resource-view, several of the trips already scheduled on C5s are late. Since we have added some C5s, maybe it is possible to reduce the global tardiness on the C5 fleet. To do that we create the aircraft fleet view. This view is similar to the aircraft view but presents capacity utilization for the entire fleet. We can also select an interval in the aggregate view, and unschedule all the trips or only the critically late trips in the selected interval.