The DITOPS Demo:
Add Resources

Increasing resource capacity

By looking at figure detailed-aircraft-view and figure critical-lateness-view we can see that most of the critically late trips are mainly trips carrying bulk, overzize, and outsize. There are no late passengers. This lateness can be attributed to insufficient lift capacity or to insufficient port capacity. By looking at figure ports-view we can see that although there are some intervals in which the port capacity is used to its maximum, there are a lot of empty spaces. Therefore, we concluded that our problem is caused by insufficient lifter capacity. To solve this problem, we will add some airplanes to our situation. Assume that we can, for a reasonable price, use 5 additional C5s during the first two weeks. DITOPS interface allows the addition of resources without disruption of the schedule. Figure add-resource-view shows the interface for adding resources. We are adding 5 C5s that will be available from day 2 until day 15. Figure aggregate-resource-view shows the aircraft view with the added resources. Notice the availability interval for the added resources.