Mach Installation Guides and How-To Documents.
- What is and how do I use SUP (Software Update Protocol)?

The SUP system is a set of programs for maintaining an identical version of a set of files across a network of cooperating machines. It runs under the Mach operating system. It is an alternate distribution mechanism to ftp, and is how the Mach OS is distributed over the internet. This document was written by Steven Shafer and Mary Thompson on September 8, 1989. [postscript], [doc].

- How to install Mach 3.0 on your machine:

This document explains exactly what is required to boot a Mach 3.0 system up multi-user. It also explains the non-Uxix features of the system, how to initially set up your machine, how to safely boot alternative pieces of the OS and how external sites can get the OS files. This document was written by Mary Thompson on April 1, 1993. [postscript], [doc].

- How to build the Mach 3.0 kernel:

A manual on how to build the Mach 3.0 sources using the OSF/ODE make program and OSF style makefiles. This document was written by Mary Thompson on April 22, 1994. [postscript], [doc].

- Overview of the OSF's odemake tool.

Slides and handouts from a talk on building Mach 3.0 using the odemake tool. [], [].

- Mach Installation on an Intel 486/386 platform:

The hardware requirements for using Mach on I386 machines.

A manual that outlines the installation process of the Intel i486/386 Mach software release. This includes instructions for both the Mach 2.5 monolithic and Mach 3.0 microkenrnel releases. It was written February 22, 1994. [postscript], [doc].

The man pages for the i386/i486 release of 2.5. [postscript], [doc].

Notes on using an intermediary for the Mach installation.

- OSF/1 Installation on a PS/2.

This document describes the installation process of the OSF/1 PS/2 release of the Mach 3.0 microkernel and the OSF/1 single-server. It was written January 25, 1994. [postscript], [doc].

- OSF/1 on an RS6000.

Installation notes for installing the Mach RS/6000 release. This software release is a complete system designed to support a combination of the Mach 3.0 microkernel and either the UX Unix single-server or the OSF/1 single-server. This document was written on February 1, 1994. [postscript], [doc].

- A summary of the kernel debugger on Mach 2.5:

A brief list of the kdb commands, and how to enter the Mach 2.5 kernel debugger. Note, that these commands are not compatible with ddb, the Mach 3.0 kernel debugger. [doc].

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