Nomad in the Atacama Desert

Unloading Nomad.
Nomad in quonset hit with a Chilean soldier. The army kindly offered to lodge Nomad while more transport preparations were being made.
Nomad on flatbed truck -- Andes in distance.
Rear view of Nomad in quonset hut with door open.
Setting up satellite dishes.
Taking a break...
That's Mark Sibenec adjusting something on Nomad. Mark built major portions of the real-time system.
Another shot of Nomad. That's Michael Parris. He took a lot of the Photos of the Atacama in our Photo Gallery
Transferring Nomad yet again.
Nomad checks out members of the away team....
Nomad with an ATTITUDE!
Day is done.... the team in Chile did a lot of loading, unloading, and transferring before Nomad reached its starting point in the Atacama Desert.
Group picture of the Chile team. Left to right they are: Hans Thomas, Mark Maimone, Eric Rollins (way in the back), Alex Foessel (with the plaid shirt), Mark Sibenac, Jim Teza, and Michael Parris.
Another group photo.
The Atacama Desert in Chile: pretty barren looking, isn't it?
Nomad in the Atacama Desert.

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