How Does Nomad Do It???
  1. Panospheric Camera - lets you see 360 degrees around the robot at once

  2. Stereo Cameras - help Nomad judge the distance to objects

  3. Laser Rangefinder - uses a laser to tell where obstacles lie

  4. Weather Station - is used to collect data on the weather conditions in the desert

  5. Actively Pointed Antenna - is a new device that allows the robot to send complex pictures back to Pittsburgh

  6. Omni-directional Antenna - is a typical antenna used to send commands to Nomad

  7. Transforming Chassis - the base of Nomad expands to give greater balance

  8. Aluminum Wheels - because you can't use rubber in space

  9. GPS Reciever - to find out where you are, anywhere in the world

  10. Stereo Cameras for Geology - movable cameras used to study the rocks and earth in the desert

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Last Modified on: Fri Jun 13, 1997